About Dax

The Person Behind the Site

Dax is a chronically ill, neurodivergent, trans masculine person who uses neopronouns (ze/zim/zims/zimself). Ze strives to be a kind person who offers a helping hand whenever possible. Ze also aspires to bring proper representation of the neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ communities to the media by way of zims writing, art, and game development. Ze lives with zims wife, 4 cats, and 3 fish. 

Creative Projects

Keep up with Dax’s current projects on zims blog. Updates and excerpts of zims various artistic endeavors will be chronicled there.

Vibe with Dax

Dax streams on twitch, typically 4 days a week for roughly 4 hour streams as zirms flare ups allow. You can find Dax on instagram and twitter. Joining Dax’s  discord will give you access to chat with Dax, zims friends and following, and to receive stream updates when ze is or isn’t feeling well.

Add value and flair to your business or life today.

Dax has a passion for technology. Ze graduated with an AAS in Computer Programming in December 2021; as well as a Computer Programming Diploma and two Java Programming certifications. Dax has an eye for design and is enthusiatic about building websites, either via builders, code, or some combination of the two.

Tech Support

Dax understands that technology isn’t something easily grasped by everyone. Ze believes that an understanding of the devices and programs which connect us to what is important to us every day should be simple and affordable. Therefore, Dax offers tier 1 tech support of a wide variety of devices and systems. Dax can help you via email, phone call, or video call. 

Web Design

Dax has designed several sites for online retail businesses and is looking to expand into different styles of web design. Dax is comfortable with drag and drop builders and code. If you work with Square, Stripe, or any other major payment processors; if you already have the bare bones for your site and need someone to update and maintain it; even if you know you need a website to increase your  online presence but haven’t started yet, Dax can help. With flexible pricing, a working knowledge of SEO, and zims out-of-the-box approach, we can build the perfect site for you.